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.the perfect shoe. January 8, 2010

Filed under: Origami — moltopiccolo @ 11:56 am

I’ve decided this is the perfect shoe.  Now the only issue I have is that it is made of origami paper and I can’t seem to squeeze into them.  They are bordering on a size “tinsy”.  But oh, how I love them.  I was inspired by a book called Girligami, {} which has the most amazing origami patterns, and used gorgeous paper that my friend Jodie brought back from her USA trip in ’09.  Added an embellishment and now I forever have the perfect shoe in my possession.  *Sigh*   

Had to make some more to keep company with Estella (is it wierd to name your shoes?  I am thinking yes, especially when they are made of paper).

Not so sure that my husband appreciates them adorning our {thing over stove}.  Sorry, explanation needed –  it is late & I simply cannot think of the word that I need here.  Oh, just got it now – rangehood.  However, I can’t really think of a better kitchen decor item than paper shoes.  So this is where they currently reside.  I think you’ll agree it does a shoe-loving paperaholic good to cook under such loveliness. {o:


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