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.so inspired. January 7, 2010

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Lately I’ve been so inspired to create continually.  I think it’s summer and the new year and all things lovely that I keep seeing all around me.  So I’ve gone a little crazy in the handmade area.  But two of my favourites lately are some sweet little felt birds – one, a brooch, the other, a hairclip.  They are gifts for a mum and new baby girl, but I just had to share them before giving them to their rightful owners.

A little bit closer now…

Sweet & fuzzy…


Birds seems to be creeping in to everything I am working on lately.  Not sure why exactly, but it could be something to do with the sweetness, freedom and flight of a lovely bird.  Having said that, I’m not a big fan of being too close to birds in case they swoop {I’ve had it happen & it’s kind of scary!}  So I think their felt counterparts allow me to enjoy the things I like about birds without the fear of feathered wings & clawed feet!  So beautiful from a distance!!!


Then there are these cute little hairslides that I made to sell a few months ago but just couldn’t part with in the end.  Sweet little souls. {0:

Finally a rather special little paper bird that was intended to embellish a birthday card going back a few months, but whom just couldn’t seem to part with me.  So he has ended staying close at hand, to be smiled at often & now turned into a bit of a blogstar.  I like him enough to name him, so I’m thinking Wembley.  Unless you have a better suggestion, of course…?  Love to hear it if you do. {o:


2 Responses to “.so inspired.”

  1. Erini Says:

    Hey, that paper bird is sooooooooooo cute! And I LOVE the name Wembley for him! xo

  2. […] from my original Hope Birdie hairclip design.  Original version is filled with stuffing!, and this one is a flat little thing. (o: […]

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