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For the love of all things "very tiny" {Italian}

.i made it!. January 7, 2010

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The elusive blog.  The one I’ve been planning to start for months.  The one I’ve tried to start twice with not a lot of success.  The one that I have finally created.  This is that blog. 

Molto Piccolo translates to “very tiny” in Italian.  I love all things tiny, unique and creative.  So it was a great name for all of my handmade creations to go under and therefore the perfect name for my blog.

I plan to use this blog as a nest for many of my ideas, projects and inspirations.  If they grow to find wings and fly, beautiful; if they fall out, such are some of the efforts of a creative soul!  I look forward to creating a space where colour, texture, light, beauty and all things tiny can flourish!  I hope that you might find some inspiration from whatever finds it way into the posts of this blog, and hopefully you can in turn share your gems with me also.

Soooo good to be here…I can’t wait to create something else!

{Ruth} xxx


7 Responses to “.i made it!.”

  1. Jodie Says:

    Hey Rooney-I knew you were super creative, but wow!!!!! Love all your stuff. especially the cute birdy stuff. I haven’t done any craft for so long, you may just inspire me! So excited for you (and to see I made it into your blog-lol).

  2. Melsie Watson Says:

    Ruthie, this is absolutely lovely. I just LLLOVE the shoes! (of course-being a shoe conorsour (how do I spell that) and collector!) I so look forward to hearing about any new projects. Love always Melsie xx

  3. moltopiccolo Says:

    Thankyou girls, it means a lot to have your encouragement straight away! Thanks for looking, for some reason it makes it all the more special when you share the things you enjoy with others. xxx

  4. Julie Morrison Says:

    Darling Ruthie, You overwhelm with with your beautiful creative mind. By the time I reach my 100th birthday I will have the most amazing collection of your handmade cards; each one more beautiful than the last. I wish I was a little girl so I could wear your amazing hair clips.

  5. Patsy Says:

    Woohoo!!!!! Great job

  6. Rachel Says:

    You have more creativity in your little finger than I have in a whole hand!!! Love your work Ruthie, so glad you’re pursuing your dreams! xx

  7. Lorraine Says:

    Ruth, you are such an inspiration. Your work is just beautiful and so creative. I have still got the most amazing card you made for us about 4 years ago (and I don’t keep cards!) LOVE your little birdies (I have a little fetish for them too) and your paper shoes are AMAZING! xx

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